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About Project 2012

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Welcome here to participate in the discussions about the event.

Our intension is to arrange a European Z-Rally in 2012 in order
to celebrate together the 40th anniversary of the Z1 which
we suppose is the year 1972, when it was first introduced to the
market here in Europe.

The goal here is to arrange matters so that we can have a big eurpoean
party together. We want to point out, that this shall become an event where
every Z-friend will say : "... wow this is where I want to particitpate ... !"

Why celebrating 40 years of Z !?!? Well think about how old will each one
of you be when it comes to celebrate 50 year of Z ?!? I myself don't know
what will be in 10 years time from now ...

I have already talked to some of you personally so now we can
continue our disscusions here.

I hope it will be a peaceful and fruitful exchange with many ideas.
Grüße - Peter

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