17.06.2016 Z1300 Treffen Winterswijk Holland

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17.06.2016 Z1300 Treffen Winterswijk Holland

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In 2016 we are going to organize a Big Six meeting again !

At the eastern Dutch border near the town of Winterswijk in a real motorcyclist hotel from Friday the 17th till Sunday the 19th 2016

There are 14 x 2 pers. bedrooms available. Beside that there is a bunkbed room for up to 20 pers.
Even a spot to put up you're tent could be arranged

The costs for the weekend are 129,50 euro pp based on a 2 pers. room.
Voor a bunkbed or tent this would be 110 euro p.p.

Included are: 2 nights with 2 x breakfast buffet and 2 x a 3 cause diner, on saturday this is usually a BBQ or Rodezio Grill.
Ride-out on saturday of approx 150km. In the evening we have an election with some nice prices for the Z1300 riders.
On sunday we leave west and will visit the Classic Superbike meeting wich is held the same day in Elst near Arnhem.

Vilco Wonk

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Location in Google maps
Grüße - Peter


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